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The Salem Democratic Party’s (SDTC) mission is to elect local candidates and support policies:

  • Ensuring a transparent and accountable town government

  • Fostering collaboration amongst all groups that serve Salem

  • Increasing community participation for the betterment of our town

  • Valuing and working with our local volunteer groups

  • Exploring opportunities for new town services

Music Vaile Barn-7.jpeg
Music Vaile Barn-7.jpeg
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  • Adequate (Not Excessive) funding for education, pre-school through high school, including support for Salem’s outstanding public library with programs for all age groups

  • Environmental protection as embodied in by the Salem Town Plan of Conservation and Development.

  • Economic expansion of business and industry consistent with wise land use and the need for land conservation and maintenance of Salem’s rural character

  • Recreational opportunities for all that take advantage of Salem’s open spaces with pedestrian, bike and horse trails that connect Salem with neighboring towns and contribute to a sense of community

  • Reliable, efficient, and cost-effective Emergency Services

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